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About Us


IWW Steel Industries (PVT) Ltd manufacturers of RS brand QST bars, one of Sri Lankan leading steel producers, is one of the most respected brands in the B2B steel market in Sri Lanka. RS has a strong and confident personality and a single clear objective: provide emerging Sri Lankans with state-of-the-art QST rebar for their housing development needs, which will no doubt have a positive impact in the general growth of the country. We are known in the steel manufacturing industry to serve QST bars under our RS brand name. With our manufacturing locations, based in Uswetakeiyawa, the company is headed by Dr. Sivalingam Ramesh. With the experience of the Chairman of the company, the company is moving forward towards higher growth at great rate.

As housing and infra structural development in the country grows exponentially in the recent years, the company has envisioned the opportunity to foray the retail market with the launch of RS RB 500 QST rebar. The brand inspired by the strength and agility of the black powerful felines. This brand name aims at our product strength, bendability, weldability, flexibility etc. and thus engages with its end customers in a memorable way.

Other than the RS QST steel bars, we also offers a complete range of mild steel rounds, mild steel squares, mild steel angle, GI pipes, mild steel coil and steel rods. We serve immediate as well as bulk requirements of diverse engineering and industrial projects all across the island. We also provide consultation to our clients as per their specific projects. RS QST has strengthened its share in the industry by optimizing its resources and adopting aggressive marketing strategies.. With business acumen and professional excellence, the company aims to retain the position of leadership by developing highly functional QST bars and other steel products. RS QST constantly pushes its limits beyond the benchmarks for redefining the definitions of quality and customer services across diverse industries. To achieve expected growth objectives, the company regularly invests in advanced technologies and compatible human resources.

  • Over 12 years of experience
  • We have been serving the various industries for more than ten years
  • End to end solution
  • We deliver steel product directly to the industrial sites of our clients
  • Safety and good compliance
  • All our products are manufactured in the well maintained environments and are tested in terms of quality to offer high level of safety in usage.
  • Honest and dependable
  • We are dedicated to serve all our clients with maximum satisfaction in terms of product we serve.
  • Profitable growth
  • Since the time we started this company, we have been taking strategic measure for business growth by serving more and more number of clients in their needs.
  • Improving always
  • We believe in making changes to our manufacturing processes in order to yield best quality output for all our clients.
  • Steel manufactured with advance technology
  • Product Range
  • Well maintained quality of products
  • Minimum delivery time
  • Competitive product price

Knowledge Box - FAQs

  • What is QST bar?

    QST bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars are high-strength reinforcing bars having a soft core and a very strong external layer. While manufacturing QST bars they are first the steel wires are passed through a rolling mill stand. After that, these rolled steel bars are then passed through the Tempcore water cooling system which gives high strength to the bars.
  • How RS QST bars are manufactured?

    RS QST bars are manufactured using this specially designed Tempcore Technology. Under this process, the water pressure is optimized and this sudden change in the temperature makes the outer layer of the steel bar tough. Once the steel bar is cooled, it is further left for atmospheric cooling. This helps equalize the temperature difference between the outer layer and the soft inner core. Once the core of the QST bar cools down, it turns into a ferrite-pearlite mass. This design of tough outer layer and soft inner core makes the QST bars highly ductile.
  • Why you need QST bars?

    From homes and multi-storied buildings to flyovers and bridges, QST bars provide high strength to the structures. QST bars are able to withstand any amount of load. This improves the safety and longevity of the structure and secures it from any damages.
  • What are the available grades and product range of RS QST bars?

    • QST Bars from 8 mm- 20 mm diameter Grade available RB 500.
    • MS Round Bars from 8mm to 25mm
    • MS Angle Bars ¼” to 2”
    • MS Flat iron
    • GI Pipes ¼” to 6”
    • MS Coil 6mm
  • Why use RS QST bars?

    The following are the advantages of RS QST
    • High Strength
    • Higher elongation (which makes it safe for earthquake-prone areas)
    • High Bend/ re-bending properties
    • Corrosion resistant
    • High fatigue resistance
    • Good weldability

From The Desk of the Chairman

RS QST envisions a nation with stronger values and stronger structures. Since our inception, one decade ago we have strived to establish a network of firsts. In this journey of excellence, we have crossed several milestones.

We are pioneer of the QST technology in producing steel and have set up one of the most efficient steel manufacturing set up. Aiming to become one of the top steel manufacturers in the nation, we continue to produce 100% genuine steel of highest quality in highest volumes.

We aim to create long-term value for our stake-holders, bring them better profit and expand ourselves manifold. Our transformation has only one end – pushing boundaries, perfecting ourselves.