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Building Tips

Make Your Home A Dream Home

When you are getting your new home built, it is very important to have some knowledge about the construction processes so that you don’t have to regret post building your dream home. Home building tips are important for all of us to keep our basics right, to make sure that the project doesn’t exceed the planned budget, to ensure that your dream home is secured from every aspect including earthquake, and above all, is environment friendly.

Building a home involves the use of numerous materials. Therefore, make sure that you don’t pollute the environment along the way and buy just the right amount of construction materials so that they don’t get wasted. Before building your home, make sure that you choose the right quality construction materials. Conducting a soil test before building your home is equally important to make sure that the foundation of your home is strong. We will also have to be cautious enough post building our home. Many of us are facing issues related to water leakage, damp walls, crack on walls etc. So here we have tried to focus on some basic problems with the help of some structural and civil engineers.

Know these 4 helpful home building tips

Here are the facts, that you should know

  • Keep your building light and flexible to absorb the energy of earthquake if you are in the earthquake prone zone
  • Keep the walls and partitions light or else they might get affected during an earthquake.
  • Choose right building materials. TMT Bars from the best TMT bar manufacturers in India like SRMB makes your dream home durable
  • Conducting soil test before starting construction is necessary to have a strong foundation of your dream home.

Top 5 Checklists - Home Inspection Help

Here are the facts, that you should know

Time to time inspection of parts of the building is necessary to keep it in good health. Here are the things you need to check or inspect before it becomes worst. We took help of our civil engineer experts to frame the points below

  • Dampness and Swelling of the wall
  • Gaps between wooden frames and cement in the house (your dream home)
  • Cracks on walls and ceilings (you need earthquake resistant TMT bars for this)
  • Leaks in pipelines
  • Dummy electrical circuit breaker
    • All these might seem trigger long time durability of your dream home. So, we would suggest, that early precautions are always better before it becomes worst.

Eco-Friendly Home Building Tips with Sustainable Building Materials

Here are some amazing Home Building Tips which are eco friendly

  • Use equipments having energy star label to ensure energy efficiency
  • Use proper insulation around the windows and doors.
  • Use ecofriendly materials like Bamboo, AAC Blocks and Flash Bricks.
  • Use earthquake resistant TMT Bars and light weight foam concrete to enhance the durability of your construction.

Do You Consider These Qualities While Choosing Grills for Your doors, staircase, gates and windows?

The things you need to take care are -

  • Quality
  • Superb Finish and Uniform Thickness
  • Defect Free
  • Greater Malleability
  • Cost Effectiveness
    • These qualities help your fabricator to give them the shape of your dream design which will be strong and durable.

Worried About Building Your House in Flood Prone Zones?

The things you need to take care are -

  • Firstly, the plan should include the plan of building your house on a raised platform, above the height of flood level.
  • Next, the walls of the house should be watertight. You can use different waterproofing compounds, liquids, and membrane.)
  • You can also have solid flooring rather than wooden flooring. #TMTbar with proper #UTS (Ultimate tensile strength) value and elongation is recommended for strength and ductility.
  • The proper drainage system is necessary to drain out the water during rainy sessions. Proper #soiltesting is also considered as an important task before building a house in flood-prone zones.
  • Soil testing result can also help you to understand whether the soil has the strength to resist the force of the water.

Thinking of Re-modelling your house? Consider these #HomeBuildingTips and rectify your earlier mistakes.

The things you need to take care are -

  • Do not be over cost conscious while you are buying home building materials. Some sustainable building materials that you need to take care are TMT bars, cement, paint etc. People often choose wrong paint while remodelling their houses. Different paints should be used for different surfaces. Separate paints are recommended for Bathroom, Kitchen and Floor.
  • Updating the electrical system is also very necessary while remodelling a home.
  • While remodelling, bigger is always better when it comes to hallways and staircase. Choosing the right civil engineer is one of the most important things because he is the one who is going to plan out everything for the remodelling of your home.
  • Building a house on a budget is not a big deal, but it needs right guidance.
    • To know more, please feel free to consult with us regarding home building tips with sustainable building materials.

"Earthquakes don’t kill people, buildings do”- here are the basic tips to protect your home.

If you are building a new home, apartment, or even renovating, please keep these points in mind.

  • Your building should be square or compact rectangular in shape.
  • The parts inside the building, such as cabinets & ovens in your kitchen, should be attached together in a manner that the separate structures will move together as one big structure.
  • Make sure that the roof and the upper stories of the building are designed as lightly as possible.
  • Design your walls and roofs in such a way, that they are neatly tightened together, so when an earthquake happens, during the shaking they will move as an integrated unit.
    • Around 1,00,000 buildings get destroyed every-time an earthquake hits the country. Even if you are living in an earthquake-prone zone, it is not possible to know when an earthquake will hit. But it is possible to take some precautionary measures to make sure that your beloved home takes the least of the hit.

      Also when you are building a house, make sure that you are using strong and best materials. Choosing the correct TMT bar is very important to make the whole foundation and structure stronger.